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How to Build a Strong Work Team and Enjoy Time Out of the Office (News)


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At Extension Recruitment we have built a team that stands for respect, growth and empowerment of individual strengths. We recognise the value of every individual team member and believe that having a diverse, successful team allows us to offer the best service and results for our clients. We recently enjoyed a night out in Newcastle and it reminded us how important it is to enjoy time away from the office and also reflect on how we all value the strong and supportive team we have.


That being said, we are going to look at the process of building a team that fosters respect and collaboration, the advantages of having a team-oriented approach and taking time out of the office for team building activities. We will explore the importance of understanding individual strengths and weaknesses, of having a diverse team and creating the right team environment. Additionally, we will look at opportunities for team bonding and some ideas for activities to undertakes with colleagues. Finally, we will sum up key learnings and the benefits of investing in team building.


Building A Strong Work Team

The importance of understanding individual strengths and weaknesses is highly beneficial for the whole team; the stronger each individual member is in their own capacity, the better the collective contribution to the team. Understanding each team member’s capabilities enables a team-oriented approach, that is more effective in reaching unified solutions to business tasks and objectives. The benefits of having a diverse team are plentiful, with different personalities and skill sets there is more potential to innovate. When bringing together individuals to form a team, creating a good environment is essential. This will promote respect for each other and create an atmosphere where collaboration is encouraged.

We believe that an effective team environment is composed of the following factors: a shared vision, mutual trust, collaborative communication, ability to have honest conversations and recognition of individual efforts.


Enjoying Time Out of the Office

When spending so much time working in a team it is important to take some time out of the office and to use this as an opportunity to build relationships and strengthen the wider team. Armed with a positive attitude and open-mind, team bonding activities allow teams to connect and develop trust, condition team spirit and remind everyone that they are part of a larger organisation. At Extension, we like a good old meet up in Newcastle city centre for good food and cocktails and the occasional dance (Bongos Bingo is highly recommended!) however team building activities can and should be varied; ranging from the light hearted such as going to the bowling alley, attending a cooking class or doing a treasure hunt to taking on a team challenge such as rafting, organising a charity day or taking on a sponsored event.



Investing in team building can have long-term impacts in a business environment and can help to drive results. Taking time out of the office encourages stronger relationships, enhances communication and growth, inspires trust and assists in team development, while creating a successful team is dependent on understanding individual strengths and weaknesses. Having a diverse team and creating the right team environment will ensure that innovation flourishes and that all team-oriented objectives are achieved. In the end, investing time and effort into developing a strong, efficient team leads to more successful collaborations, better team performance, and will ultimately benefit the company, its projects and any delivered outputs.


At Extension Recruitment, we understand the value of developing an effective team and the importance of investing in team building. We make every effort to nurture individual strengths and build up a team that is based on respect, collaboration, and success.


Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of team building, why not put it into practice? Where will you go for your next team bonding activity? Feel free to send us some ideas for our next trip out of the office!




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