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We are not your typical Recruitment Agency! We are a boutique agency and we work incredibly closely together to ensure that we provide the most comprehensive service. Where typical agencies or consultants specialise in one particular sector, we believe that the most effective solution is to build a relationship with you and your business which puts us in the best position to fulfil all of your mid-senior level roles across the company. Once we have a developed insight into your culture, values, structure and long-term goals, we can act as a representative of your business across the candidate market. We are often the first a candidate hears of your business therefore it is imperative that we give the best first impression: not only does this engage the candidate from the start but it also ensures that all candidates shortlisted are matched not only on skills set but importantly on personality and culture fit. We are renowned for our indepth interview process which essentially acts as a first stage interview before you have even seen a CV! We understand the importance of quality over quantity and aim to submit a shortlist that you will want to see every candidate.

After years of experience within the recruitment industry, we understand your needs therefore can provide you with expert advice and guidance. We are here not to just make a placement but to help you develop a strategy that ensures you can build the best team possible for now and the future of the business. We can offer you market research, salary advice and even provide manager interview coaching.

We aim to challenge your thoughts to add value. It's an approach that works: 90% of our business is from repeat clients. Click here for some of our testimonials!

i3 Profiling

Through innovative i3 profiling, we are able to provide a range of talent management and career coaching services.

No two individuals are the same, and i3 profiling allows you to better understand natural ability and full potential using seven key indicator areas.

Profiling services are available upon request with our recruitment solutions, helping you to better identify, place, retain and manage talent whatever your sector.

Want to find out more about how profiling works, and how it could benefit your business? Contact us on 0191 229 3474 to speak to one of our skilled i3 profilers today.

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Our approach

Step 1:

We really take the time to get to know our clients, which allows us to understand your business as a whole rather than just an isolated recruitment need. We always start the recruitment process with an in-depth discussion, ideally face-to-face, in order to fully understand your requirements.

Step 2:

We identify and interview candidates to find the right shortlist of individuals. Going way beyond CVs, we identify candidates that will be the best fit for your company, based on their experience, qualifications and personality.

Step 3:

We manage the recruitment process with our clients and candidates as interviews and assessments take place, through to and including offer stage, providing support to and beyond start date.

It's a formula that works - our clients report excellent results from our successful candidates, and individuals report high levels of job satisfaction in their new role. It's no coincidence that we receive over 90% repeat business year-on-year.