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We are very proud to be hosting a two-part webinar series on ‘Emotional Intelligence’ with Gary Furmedge of GIFT Management Training & Development Ltd.

Gary's career began in operational management before heading up several human resources and training functions. In 2007, Gary created Gift Management Training & Development Ltd as a provider of bespoke training interventions, fully aligned with business needs, delivering measurable results.  Gary is an experienced Trainer, Coach and Facilitator as well as an NLP and Insights Discovery Practitioner. His clients describe his approach as - insightful and engaging with a focus on making learning interesting and fun.

In a world which is focussing more heavily on mental health and self-development, emotional intelligence is an emerging topic that is gaining more momentum specifically when applied to the workplace.

In his 2-part webinar, Gary will be delving into Emotional Intelligence & Self Awareness

Session 1 - An introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Thursday 16th July @ 3.00pm-4.30pm

In this first session we will review our understanding of what we mean by Emotional Intelligence and consider its relevance to you and those in your workplace. We will explore:-

· What is Emotional Intelligence?

· Why it's important, especially in leadership roles?

· The four key pillars of Emotional Intelligence

Session 2 - Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness Wednesday 29th July @ 3.00pm-4.30pm

Having previously outlined the four key pillars of EQ, in this session we will focus in greater detail on how well we know ourselves and investigate our unique differences. We will explore:-

· Do we see ourselves as others see us?

· Why we all see the world differently.

· The tools that can help us become more self-aware.

If you would like to join us for these events, please contact us at - we'd love to see you!

Check out GIFT Management Training & Development here :-

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