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All my friends are superheros! (Candidate Blog)

Last night I finished reading a fantastic book called "All my friends are superheros". It's a short book, 100 pages or so, and it centres around the story of Tom (the non-superhero or 'regular') and the 'Perfectionist' and their superhero friends. 

The characters include the Businessman whose superhero power is the ability to see into people's wallets and bank accounts and see the exact value of their worth; the Chip whose power is immense strength (to carry the immensely heavy chip on her shoulder); the Face, who everyone agrees is the most beautiful person they have ever met, despite the fact they can't describe a single one of her features; Mr. Opportunity who knocks on doors and stands there waiting for answers that rarely come; and, Miss. Cleanasyougo - the most powerful superhero of all. Her power is that at the end of every day she folds her clothes, she throws away pens without ink, she washes dishes etc. meaning she can start afresh everyday. 

It's a charming book and for me it made me think that perhaps we all have a superhero power. The trouble is, without recognising it, we can't use it. For example, the Chip has immense strength but she uses it all to carry the immensely heavy chip on her shoulder. Without removing the chip, she cannot use her strength and without her strength she cannot remove the chip. She therefore appears no stronger than anyone else. 

Likewise, sometimes your superhero power is useless unless used in conjunction with someone else's superhero power. For example, The Idea Girl might not be much use without the Action Man and vice versa. 

Your superhero power is essentially your USP. It is that one fantastic, unique and memorable thing about you that makes you stand out and it is the message you should get across in interview. 

To find yours, boil down your personality and abilities into one word of phrase. Now, it might refer to something you don't like about yourself. Mr. Brutally Honest, for instance, might have a hard time coming to terms with his superhero power. But nonetheless a power is a power and you need to recognise it to harness it.

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