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Five questions you can ask in interview (Candidate Blog)

Here are five key questions you should ask in interview:

Please, please, please never ask about money or reward packages in your interview. And never ask about holiday entitlement either. You can ask about these finer points once you have been offered the job. Asking any sooner might cloud the recruiter's judgement.

So, when the interviewer asks "any questions for us?", try these instead:

1. What is the one differentiator you are looking for in the successful candidate? And of course, show them that you have it once they have answered!

2. What are the big topics of interest in the company at the moment? "...As I'd like to start reading up on certain things where possible..."

3. Can you tell me a bit about the team I'd be joining? This one is subtle but it is a classic sales technique as it causes the interviewer to imagine you in the role!

4. In terms of my interview, what concerns do you have about my ability to perform the role? This gives you the chance to resolve any concerns they have, and it is useful on the spot feedback that you might not get in the future.

5. In terms of people who have held the role previously, what would you expect me to stop, start and continue? That is a brave question, but it shows you are there to continue what was working and introduce new measures too.

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