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How to stay employable this summer (Candidate Blog)

When returning from your holiday, it can be hard to shake those summer blues. We find ourselves sharing photographs, stories and even tan lines with colleagues and, sometimes, the boss!

It's important to remember to keep your personal and private stories to yourself when at work. Although people may appear to enjoy the tale about the time you managed to get sand in your swim wear and your impersonation of the charming waiter, in fact, in reality, your story telling can be very inappropriate, time wasting for others and a major ‘turn off’ for your boss. We’ve put together a list of the top five things to be weary of when returning to work after your summer holiday:


Keep your summer romance under wraps:
It’s great that you met someone on holiday, but work is not the time, or the place, to be sharing details about your summer romance. 

If you want to get that promotion, impress your boss with the amount of projects you can complete, not the amount of nicknames you can come up with for your new lover!


Secure your social media:
Yes, it can be a drag returning to work after two relaxing weeks in the sunshine, but your boss will not appreciate your Facebook statuses expressing how miserable you feel about returning to work (let alone the images of you shotting tequila in a dingy nightclub). 

If you want to do this, remember you’re representing a company, so you should ensure your profile is private!


Don’t show off your tan lines:
Many may seem to be smiling enthusiastically at your revealed bikini top tan lines, but they’re most likely sneering at you, not with you! It is un-professional to wear revealing clothes to work and it may make your colleagues feel uncomfortable. 

Remember, a ‘worked hard for’ golden tan does not give you a license to wear low cut tops and flip flops to work - if you must, save it for the weekend!


Don’t lose track of your targets:
Don’t return to work exhausted with lack of drive and direction. Impress your boss by being proactive, focused and target driven.

Use your summer holiday wisely and reinvent yourself. Plan for the rest of the year and reflect on what you’ve achieved so far. Take the time to focus on your career goals, so when you return, you can take a more focused approach to work.


Leave enough time to adjust:
You want to return back to work feeling refreshed rather than jet lagged. With travel transfers and long flights home, it can be difficult to feel restored after your week away.

Arriving home at three AM and getting up for work at seven AM is not a great idea. Make sure you leave enough time to get home to organise and prepare for work. Falling asleep at your desk is definitely not a good look!


So, when you return from your summer holiday this year, make sure you bear our ‘top five things to be weary of when returning to work’ in mind!

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